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What is Verein Membership?

  • An annual financial supporter: 250,- € (monthly, quarterly or in advance) Registration 50,- €
  • A time volunteer of (minimum) 4 hours / month (annual average) for Verein-work assistance, administration or programs of SCDG
  • A public example of good citizenship/residency and community membership, and unconnected to scandalous or criminal activity and/or behavior (10 years)
  • A founding Member within first 30 days or a Partner of year or more which has applied and been approved for Membership
  • A participant in most major business decision making processes of the SCDG Verein through researching and voting, including; composition of the board of directors, board and employee compensation packages, advisory board, one-time (non-budgeted) expenses over 3.000,- € and annual purchases over 10.000,- €, the adoption of new major programs and major policies.  Members attend annual meeting to vote on the Verein boards, the annual budget and/or temporary measures and other important organizational matters.  Members must also be in good standing and current in membership support to participate in voting
  • All (non-founding) Members will be placed on a 60 day probationary period.  During probation membership can be cancelled with out appeal.  In which case all cancellation policies apply. 


What are the benefits?

  • The privilege to serve the community through meeting2q1 the urgent needs of the Afro community and other at risk people as a priority in our collective efforts to assist it in contributing to the wellbeing of German society at large.
  • Half priced entrance/registration on all national and international SCDG events
  • 25% off entrance/registration on all local and regional SCDG events 
  • Considerable discounts on tickets/registration for business and personal guests at SCDG events. (Limit 3/event)
  • Comp tickets on various events when available

What are the responsibilities?

  • Participation in the life, development direction and destiny of Sonnenblumen Community Development Group (SCDG) through volunteerism, leadership meetings and/or financial support
  • Provide assistance to Executive Staff, board members and advisors of SCDG whenever possible and as agreed
  • Attend quarterly regional meetings (minimum 2/year) and annual meetings as well as special meetings and Verein conferences when available

Involuntary cancellation of Membership

  • A pattern of public or private conduct unbecoming of a decent citizen or resident of the community
  • Failure to meet minimum membership requirements, i.e., business meeting attendance quota, dereliction of volunteer service, etc.
  • Non-payment of membership financial support or service time as agreed without notice of legitimate reason for interruption.
  • Behavior which is detrimental to SCDG’s work, staff, volunteers, service users or general public while representing SCDG as a member and/or to the SCDG reputation and/or disrespectful behavior in the service or activities of SCDG or its partner organizations.
  • Misrepresentation of one’s self as an SCDG official
  • A demonstrated unwillingness to follow the organization norms, rules and/or follow the reasonable (SCDG related) instructions of directors of SCDG programs and or staff while on a service posts and/or assignments. 
  • A pattern of behavior which is contrary to the organizational culture, operational procedures and/or official policies of SCDG. 
  • In the event of a cancellation of membership, all Membership benefits are immediately cancelled and no refunds of fees shall be returned after the probationary period is completed.

Reinstatement of Membership

  • Persons who's membership was rescinded can apply for reinstatement by letter to the FBOD via the SCDG Member Services Department.  A written personal path to reinstatement will be made and if the individual agrees (by signature) to meet the requirements thereof, at the end of the process period the member will be reinstated providing all tenants and requirements of the agreement have been met.  All rights and privileges will be restored.
  • Membership may only be reinstated once within a 3 year period. 

Renewal of Membership

  • Membership renewal is automatic if the normal requirements of membership are continuously continued after the respective anniversary of membership.  No communication is necessary.
  • If a member is on probationary reinstatement period, membership renewal must be requested in writing to the SCDG Member Services Department

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