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Youth Programs

AfriCamp Life Quest

Once each quarter teens of African descent participate in  regional developmental and recreational activities extended from the amazing AfriCamp experience.  AfriCamp Life Quest instills the value and principles of preserving community.  AfriCampers participate in Sports, Science/Tech, Family Sciences, Ant Bee Program, etc.  Registration: Send written request to: info@SCDGonline.org

Children's Programs

After School Programs

SCDG is developing a number of after

school programs like; tutoring, scouting, cultural awareness, Village Life,  & sports, etc. to nurture the development of children who may otherwise find their way into the wrong kinds of activities or fall short of their unchallenged potential.  

Registration: Send written request to: info@SCDGonline.org

Cultural Enrichment

Swahili Culture Course

Children of African descent learn the most widely spoken language of Africa, Swahili.  Participants also learn history of East Africa, to cook Swahili dishes and dances and other aspects of an ancient and purely African culture.  Experiencing African culture creates a connection to a child’s Afro identity and builds self-confidence and fosters self-acceptance.  Registration: Send written request to: info@SCDGonline.org

Yoga Vibrations

Yoga Vibrations with Nely Daja and SCDG offers the centering, healing and therapeutic power of Yoga in various groups and classes.  Experience the tranquil environment and soothing sounds with our creative and passionate certified instructors.  Register online now or contact us  for additional information.

Nelly Daja

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  • Nelly Daja
  • Classes: Women Only / Co-Ed / Recent Immigrants / Private Therapy Sessions
  • Nelly Daja
  • Nelly Daja

Black Film Events

On a regularly scheduled week night and various Saturdays of each month we feature a different Black films at Movie Night, Youth Film Night and Children’s Matinees!   Come join in the viewing and occasional post discussions, classic dramas, action films and documentaries for families of African descent. Experience the best blockbusters from America, Nollywood (Nigerian film industry) and other countries plus entries from international film festivals.  Enjoy Black cinema within the community.  (Check SCDG Calendar for times and locations)

Black Film Events

Children's matinees are coordinated with SCDG Spielgroupe sessions to make productive and fun Saturdays and some weekdays for stay-at-home parents.

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